IRMI, or India Research Management Initiative, has been established for enabling research management at institutions in India. Research Management spans activities that support research, such as national and international funding opportunities, grant management, science communication, policy and regulatory matters and intellectual property. More details about IRMI are available at Management-Initiative.

Grant conditions:

  • Research Management Fellows will be part of the IRMI network and will be expected to contribute to IRMI community activities.
  • The grant is awarded to the institution. In the eventuality of the Research Management Fellow moving to another employing institution, the original awardee institution will have to recruit a replacement and ensure continuity of processes established. Such changes will need to be communicated the India Alliance.
  • The grant is for 3 years, a no-cost extension of up to 6 months is possible.

“We are no longer accepting applications for IRMI Research Management Fellowships”